The Mindset Shift Programme

The Mindset Shift 

A mind-blowing and empowering group coaching program to help you shift your mindset so that you can create a life you desire.

So many people are struggling with their confidence, self-belief, and motivation. So when it comes to creating a life of desire it is no surprise that they feel it’s not possible.

Some people believe ‘This is just the way I am’ or ‘Nothing will work for me’

I created this programme to help you shift your perception, gain clarity, be supported and inspired so that you can then create a life you desire.

I believe your mindset will get you 90% of the way…

Wouldnt it be amazing if you could, gain clarity on what it is YOU truly desire on both a conscious and subconscious level?

What if you could learn more about your true authentic self, learn why you may be feeling out of alignment, and learn some super simple yet effective lifelong techniques to take back control now?

What if you could take control of your emotions and finally go after the things you WANT not what you think you SHOULD have?

What if you could start to feel more confident 8 weeks from now?

What if you could learn how to set your own boundaries so that you could either have more time to yourself or learn to say NO.

What you can expect from this program…

Get clear on exactly what it is you want from life and focus on your deepest desires your VISION! From a conscious and subconscious level.

Find out what is truly holding you back from the inside, so you can release the stress and learn how to move forward with more ease.

Find out who you really are!

Learn how to manifest based on the science behind the law of attraction & strengthen your manifesting power

Learn how to create your personal blueprint to break through your old beliefs that could be sabotaging your progress today.

THE BIG ONE- We are going to ‘Shift your Mindset‘ using my Tried and tested 6 step Framework! This is something you can keep and use forever! Lifelong techniques.

We are going to be learning how to be more productive, and how to fit in the things that make your soul shine!

When you change your Mindset you can expect to feel more positive, happier, empowered, and start to believe in yourself again!

So how would you like to…

  • Gain clarity on what you actually want and not what you ‘think you should’ have.
  • Shift your mindset so that you can take control of emotions and understand who you really are
  • Grow in confidence and self belief
  • Feel more motivated and positive
  • Learn how to manifest
  • learn how to be more productive
  • Reprogram your mind

A mind-blowing and empowering group coaching programme to help you shift your
mindset so that you can create a life you desire

Are YOU ready to take back control of your mind and life?

If you answered yes to any of the above then

Then this programme is for you!

Scroll to the bottom and see what others said about the programme

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The first 8 people that join in 24 hours get a free hour session worth £100 (Offer ends 26th Feb at 22:00 PM GMT)

A personalized EFT blueprint made for you worth £50 (offer ends 28th February at 15:00 PM GMT)

Access to my ‘Master your money course’ worth £44.44 (for everyone that joins before 2nd March 2022

You don’t have to keep reading if you are ready, click the link to see how you can pay

Who am I?

I am Gemma Holden aka Mrs Mindset

I am a mummy of 4

Wine and cheese lover

Certified Life, Mindset & Strategy Coach for women who want more.

I help women shift their mindset so that they can upgrade their life or business for true happiness!

Why choose me to coach you?

First up I am hilarious, If I do say so myself, and learning with me will be fun!

My Clients are always telling me how my energy is infectious and how much I have helped them!

“You become like the people you spend the most time with” Jack Canfield

How you’re feeling right now…

I have absolutely been there done that and got the T-shirt… Many times! In all areas of my life!

Believe me when I say I’ve been to rock bottom!

But from there the only way is up

I have transformed my life

For me now it’s just all about upgrading those areas that once did not serve me.

And that’s all while raising 4 humans, growing a business, and a husband who works away.

But that’s not the only reason to choose ME!

Experience is powerful! But teaming that with knowledge is far greater.

I worked my butt off to get the title COACH and no one really asks about that.

I spent 3 Years at University to become a fully qualified Coach…

Receiving a Degree in Counselling with Coaching & Mentoringhere are just a few things I covered:

Foundations of coaching

Supervisory Coaching

Working with Groups

Person-Centred Coaching

Management and Mentoring

And then completing a BA (Hons) Coaching and Mentoringhere are a few more things I covered:

Psychological development and wellbeing

Existential issues in Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership and motivational management

Always upgrading

I continued my development



Master EFT and TFT Practitioner


Part of me continued to learn out of fascination, part of me from imposter syndrome and an unhealed wound of not being good enough.

I’m not joking when I say I believe your mindset will get you 90% of the way.

All of the above I had and the one thing that stopped me from moving forward was my mindset!

Until I did the inner work and I can help you too!

My mission is to help you shift your mindset first so you can align and upgrade your life for true happiness.

What’s included…

I have condensed everything I have learnt and experienced into the 6 step framework and this programme that I have created for you! So that you are equipped and can transfer these lifelong techniques into your life now.


A mixture of pre-recorded, live and group coaching so that everyone can access all materials.


Access to my 6 Step Mindset-Shift Framework

Access to the Private Facebook community

Forever Access to all the workshops and workbooks

Me, as your coach and cheerleader and supporter

So let’s look at each week

Week 1 – Manifestation 101

Week 2- Diving deep into who YOU are and what YOU want from life, ensuring that your connected to your Values

Week 3- Learning all about the belief system process. Find out what beliefs you currently have why they are impacting you today and how you can shift them.

Week 4- Group Coaching

Week 5- The Mindset-Shift. Learning all about Mindset understanding how the mind works and the framework that teaches you lifelong techniques to shift the way you think.

Week 6- Reprogramming your mind for what you truly want

Week 7- How to easily implement the self-made strategy that’s going to help you get to where you want to be. How you CAN change without making drastic changes!

Week 8- Group coaching and celebration

What my clients are saying about the mindset shift programme

I would definitely recommend this course. Gemma is fantastic at explaining things &
coaching you to think differently about various situations. There’s a reason she’s called Mrs
It’s improved my mindset. I now try to see the positive when faced with stressful or
challenging situations. I focus on what I can control rather than what I can’t. This “shift” has
helped boost my confidence & I feel happier in myself which family members have noticed
too. It was really well set out focusing on different areas each week, but they all linked well
together & followed on well too.
Anne Norris -UW partner

When I started, I thought I had a reasonably good mindset but the programme made me
realise I had quite a few blocks which I needed to get past before I could work on what I
really wanted to work on. It was so clever the way those blocks came out and I honestly feel
like I’m past them now. My mind is in a completely different place, it’s like a weight has
been lifted and I’m finally going in the right direction, I honestly just feel excited all the time
now! I loved the way the whole course was delivered with worksheets to follow up each live video, it worked well for me. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for creating this course, I don’t think I’d ever have gotten past some of the things that came up without this course.

When I started, I started
because I wanted to work on my mindset and belief in relation to my business. Halfway
through, it took me on a completely different path which surprised me. I had huge blocks over something that has been eating away at me for so long, it’s like a weight has been lifted actually getting past those now, I feel amazing, and my focus is now back on my business and I believe that I can do all I want to with it now, I’m so excited and I can’t thank you enough for where this course has taken me
Sarah Wadeson- Beauty and skin Therapist

I’m in the membership and love it so when the programme launched, I knew I had to jump on it. I’ve been on a journey of self-development for a while, but this really helped me to up
level. I feel much more in control and aware of my triggers and how to deal with them. When they come up.
I love it! And it’s a tool I will carry with me right through life.
I think the content is perfect, but I was kind of sad when it finished. But I still have my
membership and my 1 to 1 sessions, so I know my journey, with Gemma, isn’t over!
Jen Craighead – Manifesting Coach

I absolutely loved doing the programme, I feel like I have learnt so much in general and so
much about myself. It’s given me guidance on how to deal with situations and I suppose
really consider my inner desires and thoughts. I really enjoyed it. I felt very motivated
throughout and after each session I felt invigorated and pumped.
It’s also taught me to be present in my awareness and to take a step back for it all when things get a little distracted.
Natalie Carter – Owner The Lily Shed

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