Mindset & Strategy Academy

Through working with so many women over the past few years to help them achieve their goals I have noticed three things that most of them struggled with.

  1. Clarity, Confidence & Self Belief (Mindset)
  2. Time, Organisation, Goals (Strategy)
  3. Being consistent (Accountability)

So I created a solution for all of that and The Mindset & Strategy Academy was born!

This Academy is for women who are ready to gain clarity on what they want and build the confidence and self-belief to go after their desires.

To get organised in life & business and to start achieving their goals whilst having a coach to support them and cheer them on along the way.

Is that what YOU need too?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and unclear on exactly what it is that you want?

Are you ready to start to believe in yourself and your abilities?

Are you wanting to find out what it is you actually want and learn how you can achieve that?

Are you ready to start making changes however big or small?

Then this IS the Place for you!

I remember exactly how you feel right now!
Because I was there too.
I just wish that I had the support that I now offer to everyone else!

I went from having zero confidence, self-belief, and feeling anxious and depressed to creating an amazing life I desired and creating an amazing business to help others do exactly that!

See what some of the members are saying

The Content is relevant and relatable, and we are surrounded with like-minded people.

I enjoy the Masterclasses – so that I can catch up in my own time.

You are amazing, really supportive and understanding…You come from a place of empathy which means a lot to me but you also offer solutions and ideas on how to overcome any challenges. The best thing about you is that you listen not a lot people actually can hear you out and you do this with such ease. You carry on doing you, as you are amazing as a mindset coach!!

Chaz – Beautypreneur

I gifted myself this amazing membership to work on my life and setting up my businesses. Through the membership I enjoy the masterclasses, group coaching, goal setting sessions, question and answer sessions; to be honest the list is endless. Working with Gemma has allowed me to really improve my mindset and given me the focus, motivation and clarity needed to begin to take positive action. Her honesty, positivity and her passion are just incredible. I can honestly say it was the best thing I did signing up and I can’t thank Gemma enough. Thank you Gemma. xxx.

Charlotte Barefoot

Gemma changes my mindset and makes me see things clearer enabling me to relax and take on one thing at a time without overwhelm.

I love the positivity of the community and that everyone helps each other and it feels safe.

I really enjoyed the masterclass and group coaching but also love the tasks we are given I just need to create more time to get more Involved.

Natalie Carter- CEO The Lilly Shed

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