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Breakthrough you’re self-sabotaging thoughts, shift your mindset, and upgrade your life now!

You have all the answers within you to live a life you love and desire and It is my job as a coach to help you uncover what they are and release any emotions that are keeping you stuck.

Some of the things you can expect working with me privately through our 1-1 sessions
Gaining clarity around what it is you want to bring in your life or business and where you need to focus

With clarity can come fear, so together let’s bring to the surface those pesky limiting beliefs
that often keep you feeling stuck in a rut and subconsciously sabotage your action-taking.

Gemma’s qualifications…

FDA Counselling with Coaching & Mentoring

BA (Hons) Coaching & Mentoring

Life coaching diploma

Law of attraction practitioner

Master EFT & TFT practitioner

Neuroscience & plasticity

Who are these sessions for?

The women…

Life can be manic right? And it can be really hard if you ‘struggle with the juggle’

Let’s reduce the overwhelm and get you feeling back on track and in control with a perfect (for you) plan of action and some time to yourself
You may just find that life balance that you so desire!

You may develop the self-confidence you need to say no to things that don’t serve you
You may start to really appreciate who you are as a person and learn to love and accept yourself

You may start to believe that you are able to be and have what you want!

The business one…

What if you didn’t have to wing it anymore?

What if you could have that CEO mindset and a strategy that’s perfect for you to take your business to the next level?

What if you could have the confidence and support to put yourself out there?

Scared of asking for that sale…

What if we could change the way you see selling your products or services?

Rubbish with money…

What if we could work on your money mindset so you’re able to get a grip on your finances?


What if we could align your life or business with your true authentic self?


I’ve said and heard it so many times, I can’t do technology!!

Let’s simplify that for you and make growing your audience an enjoyable process
I should really call myself the combined coach because I don’t just coach my clients.

I like to use my counselling coaching and mentoring skills to give my clients the best support possible (yes there is a difference)

In my role as a coach, I will use my facilitation and questioning skills so that you can think
for yourself and gain the clarity you need because the answers are within you.
In my role as a mentor, I will offer you advice, information, and assistance that will empower you to take action!

2x Bi-weekly calls through zoom (1hour per session)

4 x Calls through zoom (1 hour per session)

12 x calls through zoom and WhatsApp support

I offer payment plan options

I’ve just completed my 12 week Business Basics program with Gemma Louise Holden.

It’s been so helpful to me.

Each week we have tackled a subject and then Gemma sends a recording of the session, along with notes and a call to action for that week.

We covered managing Money & I’ve learnt to track everything monies wise, which lead to me making some real positive financial decisions, which will help me reach my business goals.

Of course, we tackled Mindset!

And something I really needed, overcoming procrastination!

We Brainstormed Business ideas and came up with a solid plan of action.

There was so much more, but I’d be here all day telling you, so you know what you need to do to find out! ( Sign up!)

I feel so much more confident in launching my new venture now, and all I can say is take the leap and sign up with Gemma, You will not regret it.

I would say I’m going to miss my weekly sessions with Gemma, but I will be signing up to her accountability program (link here ) so I don’t get Gemma withdrawal symptoms and also to keep me on track with my goals.

As always, the work I’ve done in this program with Gemma, is life changing, I can’t thank her enough. 

Wendy- Childminder & wellbeing mentor

I quoted a package for a customer back in Jan and had stopped thinking it might happen, the lady has finally come back with work sign off and gone for 6 months instead of the 3 I quoted for- I feel like this it’s because I’ve been working on my money blocks, same day had a 3k windfall and instead of frittering it like I usually would, have paid off my credit card… Thanks Gemma Holden for the guidance on money blocks

Victoria- Coaching with impact

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my 1-1 today. It has helped me so much with the issues we talked about. I’ve done my homework and it was really, quite emotional. I totally believe it has given me that breakthrough I need to up level. I will never not have you as my coach! I get so much from the membership but those 1-1’s take it to a whole new level

Jen- Manifesting coach

I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone who feels like they’re in a funk or needs clarity on the steps they need to take to get them where they want to be.

Katie Chambers- VA

I just had an amazing 121 with Gemma. I want to set up a Facebook Group to demo my furniture business and perhaps teach others how to paint their furniture, but i had no idea where to start. Gemma talked though loads of tips and guidance to support my idea. I now have a plan of action and a clear vision in my head about how i want the group to run. Thank you so much

Michelle Davidson

Gemma is the most down to earth relatable person you could meet with an incredible ability to make you feel on top of the world. The advice she gives is so simple but so powerful and effective.

I’m a member of the VIP group too and it’s been a game changer for me and my business. Gemma provides amazing tools and workshops that make a huge difference to your focus, your mindset and ultimately the results you get in your week whether that’s on a personal or business level.

Sarah Wadeson

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