Meet Mrs Mindset

This is me…

Hi, I am Gemma

I am a Life & Mindset coach helping you to transform your mind and upgrade your life or business for true happiness.


I truly believe that you have to work from the inside out, you have to understand who you are as a person, bring awareness to your sabotages in order to transform your life and be in alignment with your authentic self.

I can help you do that!

Up until 2018 I was so unhappy with life, I struggled to see that I could create a life I loved and desired. But deep down I knew there was more! I knew that I deserved more even when that little voice and the voice of others told me I didn’t. 

I’ve made the worst mistakes, I’ve been in that place, the black hole and at that time it seemed like there was no getting out. I thought really, what is the point?

But in January 2018 as part of a cringeworthy new year’s resolution 
 I woke up and said enough is enough, I am going to change my life
So, I smelt the f***ing coffee, and I put into practice everything I had studied at university which is now what I preach to everyone. 

I had a mindset shift

Back then I didn’t realise I had a choice, there was always something I could blame my actions on, always an excuse. 
But then they stopped, I stopped filling my head with all the BS that kept me in that same place I no longer wanted to be. 
The only regret I have now is not acting sooner. Where could I have been right now had I of done?
But I’m a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’. I had to experience everything I have done, to become the ME I am today and I’m so proud of her!

I’m just an ordinary woman, wife and mother who got her shit together!
And has built and incredible business that I am so passionate about

I am Mrs Mindset
And if I can do it, you can too!

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