I recently went back into training, and I have some more training I start in September (all to be revealed), and a super exciting stepping stone to my BIG GOAL on my vision board! And it inspired me so much and opened my eyes so much more.

Anyway, back to the blog…

The training was incredible and although I had already done something similar online it was completely different.

More powerful, more understanding and so transformative!

I learned and experienced so much more on both a scientific and spiritual level I will never forget it and went through some healing during it.


Now, this may sound a little contradicting but as always hear me out!

You will have heard me say time and time again that there is a positive in every situation and I totally believe that there is WHEN you have that perspective.

Affirmations are a very powerful tool, and they are something I use myself and with my clients and WE get amazing results! Repeating positive statements, again and again, will help you build your self-esteem and change the way you think for sure but for SOME people It is not enough…

And this comes down again to every unique person.

Our brains may be designed the same, but the brain anatomy is completely different for everyone!

Why I hear you ask?

One of the phrases that will always stick with me from the training I did tells you exactly why because of The Writing on our Walls

What I mean by this is well a few things

Our life experiences

Our traumas

Our environment

All the above is the writing on our walls!

We come into this world as a clean slate, unless we have a birth defect, we are a blank slate and everything else comes from our environment.

If you would have told me before 2018 to THINK POSITIVELY I would not have even tried because I thought what’s the point? That was my perspective

I had a lot of stuff to do and healing to go through first.


Can be quite detrimental to the well-being of SOME because you are wallpapering over the cracks and the cracks will eventually show mentally or physically.

Your brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is not which is great because you get to change it on a subconscious level BUT… Is saying an affirmation you don’t truly believe going to work? I don’t think so

Affirmations are GREAT to help to reprogram for SOME people, but they will take the longest and are the LEAST effective way as they are just targeting the conscious part of the brain with some little drips into the subconscious (Which we operate 95% of our lives from lol)

So, if you have been trying to think positively & haven’t had any luck or you have thought positively and not achieved what you wanted and thought maybe I haven’t thought positively enough or I need to be more positive just stop…

My top tips.

Acknowledge and welcome all your feelings The good, the bad, the ugly! And if anyone tells you to ignore them you run and hide!

Meditate, tune into your body, and ask yourself what you need to work on. You really do have all the answers inside you.

Get support from a QUALIFIED practitioner (please do your research)

Create affirmations that feel good for you but say them A LOT (if you have an inner belief that you don’t believe you can be successful, I AM successful is not enough however it’s safe for me to be successful feels so much better.

Feel free to share this far and wide and let me know what you think.

Love Mrs Mindset®

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Author: Mrs Mindset

Hey Everyone I thought I would come and introduce/ re introduce myself. I am Gemma (obviously) I am a certified Life, Mindset and Strategy coach. I am so passionate about helping women upgrade their mindset, so they can upgrade & allign their life or business for true happiness. I am also a mummy of 4 so I absolutley get that the 'Juggle' can be a 'struggle' So I have made it my mission! To help other women take control and enjoy their Life or business xxxx

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