A moment to yourself.

When was the last time you took one?

 A moment to yourself that is?

I take a moment to myself daily!

But one of the things I haven’t done in a while is reflect on what isn’t working.

Today I decided to talk about and journal on a few things that aren’t lighting me up now and ask myself why?

which has led to me writing this blog!

I must always be totally honest and open and say that if it doesn’t light me up something has to change, or it must go!

I’m talking all of it relationships, business, exercise regimes, food, all of it!

I mean there must be someone else out there that loves to change from being a runner, spinner, weightlifter, or swimmer all within a few months?

Anyone lol

The thing is I must be totally aligned with it I have to feel passionate or believe me you will know about it!

I used to feel bad about feeling this way, it used to get to me a lot and I used to hear things like ah she’s at it again, a new idea.

But that all changed when I learned about my human design and being a Manifesting Generator (go and check it out)

Because it made sense! That is who I am at my core, and you know what?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

It’s a gift 

So, today I have taken some time to kick back and relax and think about the things that I love doing that I haven’t done lately or as much of!

Which has led me to write this blog (repeated on purpose)

I haven’t written my blog in so long, I can’t even tell you why I just haven’t, and it’s silly really because this is one of my fave things to do!

I love writing and creating and, in all honesty, I think I am pretty good at it (not the spelling and grammar though so don’t worry)

Secondly, I haven’t been walking properly in ages! I went running and hit my 5K goal which was great but its walking that I love

And then journalling on something that’s been bothering me has helped me massively become aware of what I can do about it.

So, my question to you is what do you love?

And what do you not love? And how can you make sure that you are finding that balance and a moment to yourself to incorporate it into your life or business?

Tomorrow after day 1 of my challenge Mindset Mastery Join us here

I am having lunch/afternoon off to get pampered, and I cannot wait!

This is your sign to take a moment and reconnect to what you love! 

Mrs Mindset ®

Author: Mrs Mindset

Hey Everyone I thought I would come and introduce/ re introduce myself. I am Gemma (obviously) I am a certified Life, Mindset and Strategy coach. I am so passionate about helping women upgrade their mindset, so they can upgrade & allign their life or business for true happiness. I am also a mummy of 4 so I absolutley get that the 'Juggle' can be a 'struggle' So I have made it my mission! To help other women take control and enjoy their Life or business xxxx

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