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Covid 19 how you absolutely messed up our plans and turned our world upside down!!

Does this relate to you??

Have you been stuck in the house most of the time with/without the kids or working from home?

You’re a little annoyed because you’re carrying a few extra LB’s.

What else where you meant to be doing with all your time?

Your ‘bored in the house and your in the house bored

yes I had a go at TIKTOK too.

The only exercise you did was getting up to go to the kitchen for snacks, and back again.

And of course the arm workout you did everyday when you drank copious amounts of wine!

Did anyone else play that game where you took a drink every time you heard the word mum?

Oh just me then! (I also have 4 kids how am I writing this?)

Anyway it’s done.

Stop worrying about it.

It’s fine.

You can’t go back.

So give yourself a break.

There is absolutely no point dwelling on the shudda, wudda, cudda is there?

Because the only thing that is going to come from that is you feeling even more crap about yourself.

You then speak horrible about yourself the “ I’m so Fat”

 “I can never diet”  “I will never lose weight” or the

 “I gain weight so easily”

Its true that you are what you say you are, and so the circle continues.

So start from where you are now.

Stop, take a few breaths and let it go.

If you have landed on this page today this is YOUR SIGN.

Your sign to take action now (not on Monday)

If this isn’t for you that’s absolutely fine share it anyway because someone might benefit from what I’m saying.

Stop focusing on the past (this last year) that is out of your control now.

But what’s in your control is how you react going forward.

You have a choice!

So get yourself a plan of action to move you forward. There are lots of excuses that can be used. But I will do another blog on that another time.

Lets look at the facts

  • It is common knowledge that as long as you are in a calorie deficit you will lose weight.
  • It is common knowledge that the more you move the more your body burns calories, which makes you in a deficit (as long as you don’t eat them back).
  • Any plan will work if you stick to it.

You just need to find one that fits your life style.

I love WW because nothing is off limits and they also focus on MINDSET, which is absolute key!

This is also why I became a coach for them a few years ago.

What is not working?

  • The habits that have been created getting you to the point your at now now (They need replacing)
  • When you give up on yourself every time you have a bad day (they happen)
  • Talking down about yourself every god damn day.
  • When you do really well, get the results you want but then going back to doing the same things that got you to where you are now.

Being in a calorie deficit, changing your MINDSET and having a plan of action is going to get you the results you want and need!

But more than anything, what will work is you taking the action to do them things every day, even when you don’t want to.

So here are my top tips

  • Choose a plan that fits you and your life style whatever it is.
  • Work on your mindset everyday
  • Have clear goals and a plan of action
  • Listen and be aware of how you talk too and about yourself because it’s so important! BE KIND

Making small changes everyday is going to get you to where you want to be!

You just have to be clear on where that is.

I hope this has helped someone today. You can do it, you can do anything!

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Hey Everyone I thought I would come and introduce/ re introduce myself. I am Gemma (obviously) I am a certified Life, Mindset and Strategy coach. I am so passionate about helping women upgrade their mindset, so they can upgrade & allign their life or business for true happiness. I am also a mummy of 4 so I absolutley get that the 'Juggle' can be a 'struggle' So I have made it my mission! To help other women take control and enjoy their Life or business xxxx

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