Allign and Upgrade your Life

Mrs. Mindset AKA Gemma Holden is a Life & Mindset coach who helps women transform their mindset so they can upgrade their life or business for true happiness.

Gemma has helped lots of women throughout her career in coaching 

Gain clarity on what it is they want from Life 
Learn the simplest way to shift their mindset
Shut out the self-doubt 
Develop confidence and self-belief 
Set up and start their business 
Upgrade their current business 
 Creating a perfect self-made plan of action

Through her work Gemma combines her knowledge of counselling, coaching & mentoring and teams them up with advice from her own life experience (see this is me page) = pure gold!

Gemma’s mission in Life is to be the best mum she can to her 4 children and to make a mark on the world. She WILL open the eyes to as many people as possible and show them they can be, do and have anything they want in life BUT it all starts with THE MINDSET SHIFT 

Are you living out the same day over and over and feel stuck in a rut #groundhogday? 

You may not see it or feel like it right now, but you can
Become ‘un-stuck’ and gain clarity on what you want
You can grow in self-belief and confidence 
You can achieve your desires 
You can become the CEO in your business and ditch the modern apprentice role
You can get organised and manage the juggle 

You can do anything you set your mind too and I can help you!